Frequently asked questions
  • I’m unsure which course / membership is best suited to me, what level of experience should I have?

We know everyone’s experience is different, but this general guide is a starting point, to help asses which course or membership might suit you best

  • Do The Kiln Rooms provide a kiln firing service?  

Unfortunately not. Our studios are currently running at capacity so it’s not possible for us to fire work which isn’t either made by our members or on a Kiln Rooms course. A Google search might bring up local places or this website can help:

  • Do you sell ceramics?  

Not regularly. We only sell member’s work twice a year, during our Christmas Sale and Summer Show weekends. More info.

  • I’m looking to commission work, can you help?  

We rarely get involved in commissions, however there are a number of makers in all 3 of our studios who do. Check out some of our makers on our ‘Members Page‘, or you can scroll through Instagram and see if there’s someone who could help. The best thing would be to approach the makers yourself, however if you’re having trouble getting in touch with them or have any further questions we’re happy to help.

  • Can I visit your studios?  

We try to keep our studios closed to the public. This is to give members and those on courses as much peace, privacy and space as possible to work in. We do have a number of events throughout the year (talks, sales, workshops etc) where we welcome people of all ages. If you are interested in joining we are happy to arrange a time when a member of staff can be onsite to show you around. To arrange this please contact us.

  • Do you hire equipment?

Yes, we hire wheels and have hired other pieces of equipment / pottery for photoshoots. More info

  • Where’s good to eat / drink in Peckham?

We are lucky to have so many amazing independent places to eat and drink on our doorsteps. Here are some of our favourites

  • What courses are coming up?  

Please see our available courses here: available courses / sessions.

The current wait time for our evening 12 x week beginners/intermediate courses is around 5 months and 1-2 months for courses held on weekday mornings (more info). The wait time for taster sessions / courses is around 2 months.

  • Do you sell gift vouchers?  

Yes! We sell vouchers for our one-off taster sessions and 5 week beginners courses. More info and to book please use this link

  • If I miss a class on a course can I catch up another time?  

In the event of non-attendance or arriving late to classes it is not possible to provide alternative studio time, or for a class to be rescheduled. We run at full capacity so it is not possible to swap classes or use the studio outside of the allotted class times to ‘catch up’. When signing up to a course please check that you can attend as many of the classes as possible. Full T&Cs.

  • Who can use the ‘Drop-in’ sessions?  

These are just for people who are enrolled on a 12 x week course with us. More info.

  • Can I arrange a private session for team building or a group activity?

We can host a range of sessions and activities. More info

  • Do you run classes for under 18s?

We don’t cater for under 18s on our regular courses or taster sessions. We can host a private one-off session for under 18s but there would need to be at least 2 adults taking part.

  • What level do I have to be to join as a member?  

We recommend that you feel comfortable and confident working independently. In Bellenden Rd there are technicians who can answer questions but are not there in a teaching capacity. For Bellenden Rd a minimum requirement is to have completed a 12 week course with us or at least 2 x 12 week courses elsewhere. In Copeland Park there is minimal technical support, so the ability to work independently is essential.

  • How long is the waiting list for membership?  

As it stands the wait time for Bellenden Rd is approximately 4-6 months and for Copeland Park it’s around 3 months. This is difficult to judge as it depends when current members leave and how many people on the existing waiting list are still interested in becoming members. To join the list or to make an enquiry please get in touch.

Covid-safety: We have a dedicated page on our website which is kept up to date: Covid-safety update

For more information please email:

You can also call us on: 077 3203 8052  (11am-4pm, Mon-Fri)