Drop-in studio access

Providing those enrolled on our 12 week beginners/intermediate courses or 10 week throwing courses with more studio time.

Drop-ins take place in all 3 of our studios at various times. These sessions are designed to provide those on our courses the option of additional access, outside of class hours. Perfect for people who would like time to practice but who aren’t able to make the most of a full membership. There will not be a teacher available onsite however there is a technician around to answer basic studio questions. Drop-ins are only for people who are currently enrolled in a course and should book sessions in the studio where their course is taking place, although we can be flexible.

To book a session in one of our studios please use this link

Drop-ins provides a level of flexibility as you can pick and choose which sessions you book and can be changed up to 24hours before the session takes place. The cost for a session is £25.

How it works

  • Cost: £25 a session. Book via the following link: BOOK HERE
  • Open access times are for 4.5 hours and the clean up starts at least 15mins before the end.
  • You must be registered on a 10 or 12 week course and on your first session you can speak to the technician incase you have any questions.
  • You’ll have access to the following: aprons, work areas, basic tools, potters wheels, a range of clays, in house glazes, extruder, slab roller, basic onsite technical support, free tea & coffee and wifi. Any work fired will be charged at the standard rate.
  • You can use the shelving space of the course you are enrolled on.

More info in the T&Cs below.

Terms & Conditions
  • Payment: Book a session via the above link, or you can pay on arrival if there is space. It’s £25 a session and 1 payment cannot be split over several sessions. Whether you stay 4.5 hours or 30mins the fee is the same – it is not possible to pay for a shorter period of time. However, you would not be charged if you wanted to pop into the studio for 5 minutes to wrap up a piece of work you made a few days earlier. These sessions are in addition to scheduled course times and cannot be used as a substitute for any missed class time. If you miss a class on a 10 or 12 week course it is not possible to attend a drop-in session free of charge.   24 hours or more before the booked drop-in session we can provide a full refund (minus a £2 booking fee) if you need to cancel.
  • Clean up: The clean up starts at least 15mins before the end of the session. It’s important that you spend at least 15 minutes cleaning the area you have worked in. In the event of somebody not leaving their work area in a suitable condition we will issue a warning, and if this were to happen regularly we could refuse access. Bank Holiday Mondays: open as usual.
  • Who can come: You must be registered on a current 10 or 12 week course to attend and have completed at least the first 4 weeks of a course with us. It’s important that you are comfortable working independently. It is not possible to invite guests to the studio.
  • Reserving a wheel or area: It is not possible to book a space or to book a particular piece of equipment, the studio is communal and works on a first come first served basis. We will be monitoring studio usage closely during these access times and may amend access times to meet demand. We cap numbers to ensure there will be plenty of room for those booked on
  • Drop-in schedule: Generally speaking the schedule for drop-ins is the same week to week but occasionally we may have a private session or booking and will change the weekly schedule. This will always be done in advance and will be on the booking link.
  • Shelving space: You can use the shelving space of the course you are enrolled in for small amounts and there are additional temporary communal storage shelves in the Peckham Levels studio. On the PL communal shelves work must be labelled with your name and the date. Work can be kept on the communal shelves for a maximum of 1 week only. Work left any longer will be thrown out. In terms of wrapping work we will try to keep an eye on the shelves, however we encourage people to take responsibility for their own work (if you were to pop in for 5 minutes to wrap work you will not be charged).
  • Marking your work: Please use the same number as that of your course.
  • Materials cost: This will work the same as it does on your course. Any work fired will be charged at the standard rate of £5 per 1kg for stoneware and £10 per 1kg for either porcelain, crank or black vulcan.
  • Technical support: There will be basic onsite technical support with someone to answer studio questions, however unlike during a class there will not be demonstrations. If you have more in-depth questions regarding your work please reserve these for your teacher during a class.
For more information please email: info@thekilnrooms.com