We know everyone’s experience is different, but this general guide is a starting point, to help assess which course or membership might suit you best



Sounds like you’re a complete beginner. Our one-off taster sessions are made for people who have never touched clay before, but not a problem if you’ve dabbled and know some basics. It’s fun, messy and there’s plenty of hand building and throwing on the wheel.

One-off taster sessions 


Also for beginners, our 5 week courses are perfect for those who want to spend more time on their work and see the process through over a few weeks. You’ll spend more time learning each technique. People who know the basics are welcome to attend too.

5 week courses 

Basics down, want to learn More?

Beginners and those with prior experience are welcome to join our 12 week courses. Over the first few weeks the teacher covers the basics, helping new potters hobbyists alike revisit key techniques and processes. These are our most popular courses and due to the range of levels, there’s a great sense of community and support in class.

12 week courses 

keen to throw?

Our 10 week throwing courses are created for both beginners and those with prior experience on the wheel. Designed at a similar level to our 12 week courses, this course is aimed at people who are keen to solely focus on throwing.

10 week throwing courses

Join a drop in!

Drop in sessions are for those at an intermediate level, who have completed at least 4 classes on one of our 12 week courses. To attend you should be comfortable working relatively independently. There is no teacher but there’s always a member of staff around who can answer basic studio questions.

Drop in sessions

 making independently?

As you gain more confidence, studio experience and a desire to work with more independence, Bellenden Rd membership could be the next step for you. We advise that you have completed at least 2 x 12 week courses with us or in another studio. Technicians will be able to answer questions but are not there  in a teaching capacity. Staff will take care of all firings and the quality of work you produce is not important.

Bellenden Rd membership

Want to manage your firings?

Copeland Park membership suits those comfortable working independently and managing their own firings. Although less support than at Bellenden Rd, there is a studio technician onsite most days. We provide initial firing / kiln support, so if you’ve never done this before, that’s ok. We advise that you’ve previously worked independently with us, or in another studio. The quality of work you produce is not important.

Copeland Park Membership