Studio update: covid-19

Classes: We are able to host courses with reduced numbers in a Covid-Secure environment. In the event of a future lockdown we would offer everyone who has booked the option of rescheduled classes or a refund. As a general rule we unfortunately are not able to make up for any missed class time with additional or alternative studio access, however in sending us a registered positive LFT or PCR test we can provide a free ‘drop-in’ as replacement for missed studio time for people either on a 12 or 5 week course. Full T&Cs.

Membership: A limited number of members are able to use studios as a place of work, adhering to Covid-safe H&S measures in place. Here’s our health & safety video

The safety of all our users and staff is our top priority and we have redesigned our studios and implemented new H&S measures to keep everyone as safe as possible. These include; increasing ventilation, ensuring face coverings are worn in the studios at all times, spacing out equipment to encourage social distancing where possible, reducing the numbers of makers in the studios (both members and those on classes), installing hand sanitising dispensers, conducting regular risk assessments, encouraging everyone coming to the studio to take a LFT before coming, maintaining new cleaning systems and we encourage everyone to wash their hands regularly – which is common practice in pottery studios anyway!

Winter 2021/22: The vast majority of safety measures will remain in place, including the of wearing face coverings, having reduced numbers in the studio, increasing the flow of air and sanitising tools / equipment and asking staff to take a LFT before coming in to work or teach.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact us: