Accessibility – draft

Ceramics itself is universally accessible, catering to individuals of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Its tactile nature and meditative process offer therapeutic benefits for a wide range of people. For those with physical disabilities pottery can enhance dexterity and mobility through the repetitive motions involved. It also serves as a powerful form of art therapy, providing a non-verbal outlet for emotional expression for individuals facing mental health challenges. Pottery’s inclusivity and therapeutic properties make it a valuable practice for a range of people due to its ability to positively impact both physical and mental well-being.

Over the years we have welcomed people with a range of physical and mental needs to our studios. We also have a team of knowledgable staff who are welcoming, supportive and creative. As people have different needs we’ve created this page with the aim of helping people decide if they will be able to attend classes or become a member of The Kiln Rooms. Below we outline what access is like for each studio and things to think about if pregnant. There is a level of flexibility and we’ll always do what we can to create as ergonomic a working environment as possible. If you are unsure the best thing would be to contact us directly outlining your specific needs. We hope that this is useful and please don’t hesitate to email us:

Pottery whilst pregnant

Our courses are absolutely suitable for anyone pregnant, we have had a number of people at full term who have come in as members or on courses before. That said throwing can become uncomfortable for some in the later months but this very much depends on the person, the size of the bump and the position which they take at the wheel. In terms of materials – they are all fine but some of our glazes have oxides in. Although there’s nothing to say that these are unsafe to use during pregnancy, we advise you to either use gloves or tongs when glazing, purely as a precautionary measure.

Peckham Levels

This is our most accessible studio. Both the site and our studio are step free and although we are based on the 2nd floor there is access via ramps and two large lifts which can take people to either 1st or 3rd floors. There is ground floor parking and step free access extends to the 5th floor which has a number of places to eat and drink. (it should be noted that in our work exchange area in Peckham Levels there are a few steps, but this area is not open to people who are enrolled on classes, just staff). There are a number of disabled toilets onsite. In the studio we either host either ‘single’ or ‘double’ classes. In single classes there is more space to spread out. More info

Copeland Park Studio

Both the site and our studio are step free. Although there is a step in the doorway to enter the class area it’s possible access the class studio through the members studio next door. The doorway which is between the members area and class area is Xcm wide. There is onsite parking, but on some weekends it can be that there’s no parking due to an event or limited spaces. There are places to eat and drink onsite, which are also step free. The Social is close to the studio and has disabled toilets which anyone is able to use, during their opening hours.  More info

Bellenden Rd Arches

Apart from a smooth lip to mount upon entering the studio and 30 meters of a cobbled paving on the approach to studio there is step-free access. The doorway measures Xcm. The nearest carpark is Choumert Grove. We unfortunately do not have disabled toilets in the studio. More info

Access to equipment in the studios

Generally speak the wheels are at Xcm. It is possible to throw whilst sat on different types of seats and we have a number of stools which are adjustable. Benches are around Xcm tall. It is possible to stand or sit on high stools to work and in X studios we have stools of various heights. Sinks to wash up are around Xcm high, although washing up can be done in buckets on the floor which staff can help with.

Peckham Rye train station

Unfortunately there is currently no step free access at the station. Works are currently being undertaken to install lifts and ramps.