The Kiln Rooms – Copeland Park

This studio acts as a stepping stone for people who might have out-grown the ‘open-access’ model but are not quite ready to work in isolation. There are 25 members sharing the studio and no classes. The studio gives makers space, time and independence whilst also providing support and keeping a strong sense of community. Location

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  • Access anytime between 7am-10:30pm, 7 days a week with no limit on usage (each member will be a key holder)
  • In depth induction and training, including kiln packing, glaze-making and best practice studio management. It’s important to read our Terms & Conditions
  • Storage space (approximately 400cm x 50cm x 40cm) and personalised desk space, which can be added to.
  • Communal wheels, workbenches, glaze area and other equipment.
  • Members have access to the following onsite: work areas, tools, personal storage space, firings, a range of potters wheels, glaze booth, compressed air, extruder, slab roller, cleaning and waste systems, reclaim area, tea / coffee station, super-fast wifi.
  • Services provided include: technical support, mentoring, tutorials, plaster facilities, materials store and a chance to exhibit in at least two shows a year and two open studios.
  • Free access to our Professional Development Programme which includes: visiting lecturers, artists talks, portfolio development, on-line profile building, trips to private views, business & funding advice.
  • £250 per month, rolling contract. (2 month notice to cancel membership) or £1,410 for a 6 month contract. Firings & materials are not included and will be charged at cost price. We will stock a range of clays and glaze materials. A one month refundable deposit is required. 

More information regarding pricing can be found in our Terms & Conditions

Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in visiting the studio