The Kiln Rooms – Copeland Park

This studio acts as a stepping stone for people who might have out-grown the ‘open-access’ model but are not quite ready to work in isolation. There will be a maximum of 25 members and no classes. The studio will give makers space, time and independence whilst also providing support and keeping a strong sense of community. 

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  • Access anytime between 7am-10:30pm, 7 days a week with no limit on usage (each member will be a key holder)
  • In depth induction and training, including kiln packing, glaze-making and best practice studio management. It’s important to read our Terms & Conditions
  • Storage space (approximately 400cm x 50cm x 40cm) and personalised desk space, which can be added to.
  • Communal wheels, workbenches, glaze area and other equipment.
  • Members have access to the following onsite: work areas, tools, personal storage space, firings, a range of potters wheels, glaze booth, compressed air, extruder, slab roller, cleaning and waste systems, reclaim area, tea / coffee station, super-fast wifi.
  • Services provided include: technical support, mentoring, tutorials, plaster facilities, materials store and a chance to exhibit in at least two shows a year and two open studios.
  • Free access to our Professional Development Programme which includes: visiting lecturers, artists talks, portfolio development, on-line profile building, trips to private views, business & funding advice.
  • £250 per month, rolling contract. (2 month notice to cancel membership) or £1,410 for a 6 month contract. Firings & materials are not included and will be charged at cost price. We will stock a range of clays and glaze materials. A one month refundable deposit is required. 

More information regarding pricing can be found in our Terms & Conditions

Please contact us for more information or if you are interested in joining or viewing the studio